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July 2003    

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Superb site about Akashi-Kaikyo bridge

Bridge web-sites

Good basic explanations

Suspension bridges

Inventory of suspension bridges - useful resource

Great buildings of the world

Forth road bridge - many photographs and explanation of construction

Wheeling bridge

Wheeling bridge renovation

Wheeling bridge software

Williamsburg bridge - biographical and technical information

Bridges 2000 calendar

World's highest suspension bridge

Build a 5000 foot suspension bridge


Irene Hixton Whitney bridge

Brooklyn bridge

Humber bridge official web-site

Hogakustenbron - Sweden

Storebaelt - Denmark

Suspension bridge terminology

Suspension bridge advantages

Details of long suspension bridges

Brooklyn bridge - facts - history

Chinese suspension bridges

Slides about suspension bridges

Photographs - USA

Understanding bridges

Golden Gate bridge - virtual tour

Istanbul Galata bridge

Bridge directory

Leeds university

Suspension bridges

Page in French

Inca bridges

Benjamin Franklin bridge

Marlow suspension bridge

George Washington bridge - short note

ACSE - thorough discussion of new East Bay bridge

Second Severn Crossing - cable-stayed bridge

Severn suspension bridge - panorama

Severn suspension bridge - night photograph

Severn suspension bridge - tower inspection - photograph

Severn suspension bridge - night photograph

Severn suspension bridge - evening photograph

Severn suspension bridg evening photograph

Very useful web-site about George Washington bridge

Severn suspension bridge - big panorama applet

Severn bridges - free beautiful bridges

Forth bridges - history

Clifton_suspension bridge - 3-D model

Clifton suspension bridge trust

Clifton suspension bridge

Clifton_suspension_bridge data

Clifton suspension bridge visitor centre - excellent web-site

Waco suspension bridge

Peace river bridge

Lance Mitan bridge

Terminology - very useful web-site with pictures and diagrams

Kenmare suspension bridge - history

Design your own suspension bridge

Pictures and diagrams

Interesting web-site about cable maths

Interesting site about art


The History of the Clifton Suspension Bridge by G W Barnes and Thomas Stevens,

Copyright by Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Pitkin Guides, ISBN 0 85372 758 9.

The Forth Road Bridge - The Official Story, Forth Bridge Joint Board

The Severn Bridge - Gloucestershire County Council for the Ministry of Transport


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