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Arches and beams in architecture, and the ways in which they are related to those structures in bridges.

Bridges  Photographs, diagrams and explanations of the basic types of bridges. You can see how these types are related to each other. There are pages of links to many other web-sites about bridges, including some about building models. You can download several computer programs about bridge behaviour and bridge models.

Light  Properties of colour and light using diagrams and photographs.  Find out how rainbows happen, how soap bubbles get their colours.

Mathematics  Some simple examples of the way that mathematics appears in nature, or appears to appear in nature

Programs  Here you can download simple PC programs which simulate engineering principles and scientific principles.

Reptiles  Notes, photographs, diagrams and simulations about the lives of adders, grass-snakes, common lizards and slow-worms in England

Water  Some of the unusual properties of water

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