Links to Other General Web-Sites About Bridges

For good sources of information about bridges try this link -

"Top Ten" bridge sites        "Top Ten" Technology directory

Structurae - extensive catalogue of structures and designers - a good starting point

List of links to bridge web-sites  

List of links about bridge basics

List of useful bridge links

Engineering Timelines - information about bridges and engineers

Bridgesite - comprehensive site for beginners and experts  

BridgePro - comprehensive and useful site with many links

Building Big - web-site and TV series

Bridge watching for beginners - excellent site

Bridge watching in the world - excellent site

Bridge Engineering Home Page - SC Solutions

Excellent photographs

Notable bridges - data listings

Important bridges - data

Interactive bridge building game for OpenGL

Discover Engineering Online

Bridge Clearing House - very useful site

Bookmarks - very useful links  

Bridges of the world  

Bridges of the world - excellent site

Development of bridges - interesting ideas

Interesting links about bridges  

Bridges in Europe - excellent site

Bridge photographs

Very good site with links and good photographs

Many links - graded by quality and age-group

Why build bridges? - very interesting lecture

Excellent photographs of timber bridges - well worth a visit

Site including numerous bridge topics

The bridge project - many bridges described

Edinburgh Virtual Engineering Library

World heritage bridges - excellent history

Numerous bridge links

Many bridge links

Many bridge links

Excellent site with photographs of many bridges

Excellent diagrams and notes about bridge types

Bridge museum

Informative site about cable-stayed_bridges

Kameda Gumi Company Ltd

Design your own bridge

Excellent web-site about cable-stayed bridges

Excellent site about cable-stayed bridges

Great buildings on line


Excellent bridge photographs

Godden engineering slide libary

Build it and bust it

Papers on bridge design

Good explanations of several types of bridges

How bridges work

Leeds university

Understanding bridges


Bridge types

Bridges project

Bridges in China

Museum exhibition


Bridge pictures

Good bridge pictures

Good bridge photographs

Pictures about structures

Comprehensive site - lists - links - pictures

Pictures of bridges in NW USA

Bridges of Paris

Bristol bridges - photographs

Interesting web-site about bridges

Simple explanations

Test your skill - choose a bridge



Bridge links

Bridges in Dutch

Bridge design and index

General site about engineering and science with numerous links

History and heritage

Interesting site about art