Bridstow Bridge

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Bridstow bridge, completed in 1960, carries the A40 trunk road over the river Wye near Ross-on-Wye.  It is 353 feet long, and comprises two cantilever sets and a suspended span.  All the spans are based on pre-stressed concrete I-beams, connected by lateral diaphragm walls.  Both piers are on land, leaving the main channel clear.  The wide side spans make allowance for floods.  West of the bridge, the embankment is pierced by seven large flood arches, because this area, like many others near the Wye and Severn, is liable to deep flooding.  Here are some pictures of the bridge.  The underside was illuminated by low autumn light reflected from the river.

WyeBypassA.jpg (129356 bytes) WyeBypassB.jpg (269546 bytes) WyeBypassC.jpg (123218 bytes) WyeBypassRibs2.jpg (134043 bytes) WyeBypassRibs.jpg (141588 bytes)

Downstream from the bridge, near the town, you can find these sculptures, of three mallards and two swans.

WyeMallardsA.jpg (90452 bytes) WyeMallardsB.jpg (69642 bytes) WyeSwans.jpg (114048 bytes)


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