Explanations of Individual Types of Bridges

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These pages contain detailed information about the theory and practice of each type of bridge.  The site also includes many pages about engineering topics which are applicable to all types of bridges.  These are linked from the main bridges page.  The pages about architecture include some material which is applicable to bridges.

If your questions are not answered in these pages, please send an e-mail to Brantacan Bridges.

Arches One

Arches Two

How Arches Work

Arch Variations

Arches and Keystones

Arches and Domes

Arches Miscellany

Arched Railway Viaducts

Arch Shapes

Arch Footbridges

Concrete Arches

Masonry Arches

Deck-stiffened Arches

Multi-hinged Arches

Skew Arches

Pointed Arches

Arch Funicular One

Arch Funicular Two

Arch Funicular Three

Arch Simulation

Arch Puzzle

Arch Architecture One

Arch Architecture Two

Beams One

Beams Two

Beams Three

Beams Four

Propped Beams one

Propped Beams two

Propped Beams three

Beam Limits

Beam Footbridges One

Beam Footbridges Two

Beam Architecture

Arches or Beams?

Silly bridge?

Beams and Gyroscopes?

Box Girder Bridges

Cable Stayed Bridges 1

Cable Stayed Bridges 2

Cable Stayed 3

Cable Stayed Footbridges

Cantilever Bridges One

Cantilever Bridges Two

Cantilever Footbridges

Extradosed Bridges

Pre-Stressed Bridges

Suspension Bridges One

Suspension Bridges Two

Suspension Footbridges

Suspension Funicular

Truss Bridges One

Truss Bridges Two

Truss Calculations One

Truss Calculations Two

Truss Calculations Three

Truss Types

Truss Usage

Truss Footbridges

Trussed Towers & Pylons

Footbridges One

Footbridges Two

Footbridge Designs

Beam Footbridge Photos

Model Bridges

Military bridges

Moving Bridges

Pontoon Bridges

Unbuilt Bridges

Quick Survey of Types

Appearance of Bridges

Links about Bridges

Bridge Programs


Fortified Bridges

Railway Bridges

Town Bridges

Virtual Bridges


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